A Superyacht agent in Turkey is a lot more different, complex and detailed part of business in yachting industry. One needs to be super d tailed and motivated to service a superyacht on shore. You need to make tailor-made projects and give the best service in superyacht quality standards. No request should be too small or big for a superyacht agent.

What is a yacht agent?

A yacht agent or agency is a company that has a team to help a yacht in foreign countries in terms of legal procedures, clearance, provisions, reservations and a lot more all in one place. A yacht agent is your official representative to that countries officals and official institutions. And ofcourse a great helping hand for a yachts requests, supplying them with the best products, parts, arrangements and making them save time and effort.*

How do i become a yacht agent?

To be a part of yachting business in terms of shore services, the main step is the first step you will take. As you join a superyacht agency or a yacht agency, with time you will gain lots of experience, get to know terms, meet crew, have lots of contacts and know how to reply to yachts requests and become a very good and skilled superyacht agent.

How do yacht brokers get paid?

Upon a settled contract, in the stage of selling a boat, the yacht broker gets the commission which is agreed and written in the contract, either out of the deposit paid or at the end of the selling procedure ends as of when the bill of sale is ready.

How does a yacht broker work?

Yacht brokers initially has to find the boat or yacht that is for sale and contact the owner and get all the details. Then, list the yacht on their website to attract potential customers. The yacht broker agrees with the yacht owner on a certain percentage off the selling price as a commission to find the client, sell the boat and handle all the procedures. Then as a request comes, meet the client and show the boat in person being present physically checking and seeing the boat. Finally if the buyer decides to buy the boat, teh broker should handle all procedures to make everything go smooth.

What do yacht brokers charge?

We cant put exact lines to what a yacht broker charge as it depends to the asking price of the boat and the percentage agreed between buyer, seller and the yacht broker which ranges from %1 to %10 generally.

How much do you make on a superyacht?

This depends on the agreed wage and personal spendings, the position on the yacht, the experience of the crew and the time worked on board. However, we can say that a newbie deckhand or stewardess can easily make thousands of euros in a year compared to working on shore in a normal business with salary.

Do yacht crew get paid or just tips?

Yes, the yacht crew has a contract and a monthly salary. On top, tips are very very common in yachting industry especially on commercial yachts.

Do yachties get a salary as well as tips?

Yes, depending on their contaract, yachties get salary and also they get good tips.

How much does a superyacht stewardess earn?

This is hard to answer however, its way more than a working in a job on shore with salary. Depending on experience, position, the yacht and the size of the yacht stewardesses can easily get between 3000 to 6500 euros per month.

How long does it take to become a yacht stewardess?

It usually takes a year to take all courses including seamans books, STCW, courses of servicing skills to become a newbie stewardess. The rest depends ofcourse to gaining experience as of every job.

Do yachties get a base salary?

The salary varies from position to position and the experience of the crew. And ofcourse type and size of the yacht.

How much do superyacht deckhands make?

This is also hard to answer however, its way more than working in a job on shore with salary. Depending on experience, position, the yacht and the size of the yacht, deckhands can easily get between 3000 to 5500 euros per month. As you have experience with time and climb the career steps up you can become the first mate and then after completing your yacht master and get your licence you can be lucky to become a superyacht captain.

How much do deckhands make on yacht charters?

All the crew on yachts has a contract and salary that is agreed on that contract. However, on yacht charters is the guests are satisfied with the service provided by the crew, at the end of the cruise they usually tip the crew %10 of the rental fee of the yacht and all the crew that works on board shares tips collected.

I being a deckhand hard work?

We can easily conclude that as all other positions in yachting industry, being a deckhand is also hard. Being a seaman under boiling sunshine or severe storms and maintaining and taking care of the deck, wash downs, chrome polishing, tender driving, using winches and lines and a lot more.

How do you become a deckhand on a yacht with no experience?

As of every job, the most important step is the first step. Regardless of the yacht size or type, get all your licences and STCWs and start  the position in the first option available and the rest will follow up. As you have experience, yacht crew agencies can help you find the best position on a nice yacht.

Where are yacht agents located in Turkey?

Starting from Black Sea and İstanbul, all the way down South, in all Turkish ports yacht agents can be a helping hand all throughout the coastline. Main ports of yacht agencies are as follows; İstanbul, Çanakkale, Kuşadası, Didim, Bodrum, Datça, Marmaris, Fethiye, Göcek, Antalya.

Bodrum Yacht Agent & Agency

As THT Yachting, our main Office is in Bodrum. We are the leading boutique yacht agency in Turkey helping  our clients 24/7 and being a tender to their yacht with all our motivation and tenderness and in a superyacht quality standard.

We perform all services all in one place as an official and registered yacht agency in Turkey such as customs clearance, marine bunkering, provisioning, berth reservations, vip transports, legal procedure handling, concierge and all sorts of arrangements.

Upon a request from a management or the captain, we strieve and make the best of we can in order to make all arrangements go smooth. 

Bodrum yacht agency is our headquarters, however we operate in all Turkish ports as an official yacht agent in Turkey being always there to help our clients 24/7. The boutique style of yacht agency  in Turkey is what makes us different from the others as there are nearly a hundred yacht agents just in Bodrum. We follow the yacht from shore trying to keep up close distance, in case an emergency or demand occurs which differentiates us. 

On the other hand, as THT Yachting operates as full yacht agency in Turkey all in one place, we have the complete team of professionals for refit & repair as an important part of marine business. We take care of all maintenance and repairs from hauling out for hard standing until the launch of the yacht back on the sea.

We have top contacts as a yacht agent in Turkey, Bodrum, and our motto is no request is too small or big for us as we always try to be a tender to your yacht from clearance in until clearance out all through Turkish coast line and Turkish waters.

What does THT Yachting do as a superyacht agency in Turkey?

We perform all services all in one place as an official and registered yacht agency in Turkey such as customs clearance, marine bunkering, provisioning, berth reservations, vip transports, legal procedure handling, concierge and all sorts of arrangements.

Customs Clearance

Upon a call from the yacht, we kindly ask yachts official documents as an email to start clearance procedure and formalities. And as the yacht arrives to port we start the formalities of Transitlog confirmations from harbour master & customs and face control by passport police and all the legal procedure handling.

Marine Bunkering

According to the demand by chief engineer we supply AGO or MGO as duty tax free transit fuel or duty paid fuel in suitable ports where a yacht can easily bunker.


The demands and requests are never too small for us. We supply all the fresh vegetables of the season, best meat and most fresh fish and sea products, dairy products, and much more. With a wide range of selection all alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages are always on the agenda.

Berth Reservaitons

We have good relationships wih marinas and ports, as we make sure we get the best quote and offer for you in terms of berth reservations and docking.

Concierge and Vip Transport

Fort he guests we provide best options of transport and concierge making them feel very special, secure, and private.

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